“Its like working in a daycare center for birds”

Since it is late spring all the birds are nesting and more specifically nesting in my barn.  I have counted 4 starling nests, one blue tit, one coal tit and 3 african barn swallows all inside the barn.  So besides the gross amount of shit they produce on our tools it is like working in a daycare center filled with screaming kids.  The babies are cute at first but if you are working in there all day they become very annoying after a few hours.

The rest of the foundation wall was poured yesterday which has turned out to become the backbone of the whole space.  It is a perfect Z  which will dictate the flow of traffic through the whole barn.  I can really begin to see what the space is going to be like. Today we will demolish the roof to make room for the new exterior cladding that is coming in on Tuesday.  Since we are in a typical irish “heat wave” it is perfect weather to do this.

~ by bigbarnproject on May 21, 2010.

One Response to ““Its like working in a daycare center for birds””

  1. bird crap is really good fertilizer for vegetable gardens and plants in general. you should scrape that shit up and use it!

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