Roof is going UP

•June 25, 2010 • 2 Comments

I have been very consumed by the barn and have just let this blog teeter on extinction but be ready it is back!!

So, the new images will show you how we put on the external skin of the roof.  It was a massive job getting these 25 foot sheets up a ladder and on a roof but it all went smooth. We ended up replacing most of the old timbers because of dry-rot and wood worms.  At one point we jacked up the whole A-frame to slid out the old beams and get in new ones. And it went well without a hitch. I will let the photos do the rest of the talking but everything is moving along just fine.  We have not had a bad day of weather in over a month.  This is some sort of record. And I am of course getting out on the water to enjoy some of it.



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Progress is happening here on the irish coastline.  We have had some remarkable days and have almost finished the roof.  I am losing my buddy Willie tomorrow so things will slow down a bit.  So, I may be able to keep up with this blog a bit better. For the most part its been steady work everyday and we have come a long way. Most recently with some structural modifications that involved raising the roof and replacing support beams. Amazing things have happened in the last few weeks and the whole place is taking shape quickly.  I will update soon with some new pictures.

New Timber Purlins

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All the beams or Purlins have gone up. Then the rain came and put us off a few days.

Everything is looking great.

Roof’s off

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We have come along way since my last posting.  Since  much has happened I will show you the progress in sequence.

The roof has been removed from the lean-to section of the barn and any useful materials have been salvaged for possible sheds/animal enclosures. The actual corrugated iron came off easily due to the rotten timbers they were attached to, although it took us the better part of the day to finish because of the hazardous working environment.

So that is all for today. I will fill you in more over the next few days. The weather has been a dream and stayed dry for 2 weeks (which should be some sort of record here in Ireland). We are official burnt from working on the roof for the last week and are taking the next 2 days off to enjoy the weather and go to a film festival and a boat and food festival.

“Its like working in a daycare center for birds”

•May 21, 2010 • 1 Comment

Since it is late spring all the birds are nesting and more specifically nesting in my barn.  I have counted 4 starling nests, one blue tit, one coal tit and 3 african barn swallows all inside the barn.  So besides the gross amount of shit they produce on our tools it is like working in a daycare center filled with screaming kids.  The babies are cute at first but if you are working in there all day they become very annoying after a few hours.

The rest of the foundation wall was poured yesterday which has turned out to become the backbone of the whole space.  It is a perfect Z  which will dictate the flow of traffic through the whole barn.  I can really begin to see what the space is going to be like. Today we will demolish the roof to make room for the new exterior cladding that is coming in on Tuesday.  Since we are in a typical irish “heat wave” it is perfect weather to do this.

Concrete footing part 2

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The concrete footing was poured over the weekend. On sunday (our day off) we went fishing and caught a few fish and cooked them up. Beautiful weather at the moment, perfect to remove the roof of the barn.  All the material to do the roof has been ordered and will be arriving this and next week.

Concrete Footing

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Yesterday myself and Willie broke ground and dug a 20ft trench to pour a footing for the new exterior wall. A casting form has been built to receive the concrete and today we are going to pour it. Nothing odd about it but this is the foundation that will support the wall that goes there. This will become the new entrance to the Barn.