What the Big Barn Project is all about

The Big Barn Project was created to document the designing and remodeling of an old hay barn into an art studio and residency.  It was built from rail road ties, old timbers and corrugated iron. The structure, although seemingly sound is fully rusted out and is threatening collapse in certin areas. The Big Barn Project is to save this space and create a dry working art studio.

The location of the Big Barn is southwest  Ireland in a historical area called Kilcoe. It is on 30 acres, most of which is reclaimed pastureland. The property stretches down and around a church ruin that dates 700 hundred years old, to small beach on Roaring Water Bay.


50 year old hay barn,

2000 sq. ft,

Ft 40 x Ft 50 floor plan,

30 Ft. tall at peak,

Made of :  Corrugated Iron, Railroad Ties, Oak beams

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