Summer day! (146) over half a year….

Today was one of those beautiful summer days, the skies were clear, the bees were out beginning to forage and the sun was cooking. I had to take advantage of the weather and make another run to the beach with the wheel barrow for seaweed. It is so nice to see the plants growing again but this also means the weeds are starting to reappear. I have been clearing away weeds while things have been dormant for the winter and laying down seaweed as a barrier around the garden beds.

It is also time for things to get in the ground so I have been planting potatoes, onions, beans and have even put a few lettuce out just to see what happens.

The little house is getting ready for inhabiting. The kitchen is done apart from a touch of paint. The doorways have new frames, the upstairs bedroom is ready for paint, bathroom still needs a little love but the tub and shower are sealed.  All in all everything is looking good.

~ by bigbarnproject on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Summer day! (146) over half a year….”

  1. Joe ,
    You sound enthused again!
    Keep up the good work my man.

  2. Thanks my man! Hopefully you will get out here to see it this summer 🙂

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