144 days in ireland. Stone steps

So it is. I have just returned from a trip and everything on the farm is looking good. Before i left I was able to finish the stone steps up to the house and get the countertops in. Myself and a neighbor  cleared a 3 acre field to plant oats in for his horses. Which is exciting and the favor will be returned in help with the construction of the Big Barn Studio.

The weather has been mild so the plants and grasses are starting to grow finally. This has been a very strange winter for Ireland according to all the farmers because they are behind schedule with planting and getting the  animals out on new pastures. I guess of the 89 days of winter it has been below zero 74 times.  This is not normal for the south of Ireland.

New Steps

~ by bigbarnproject on March 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “144 days in ireland. Stone steps”

  1. Hey, those steps are gorgeous. How’d you manage the daffodil to bloom at the same time? Oats? Sounds good and like orderly beauty in the late summer.

  2. I planted the daffodils there to increase the look. 🙂

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