Your Image (day 120)

I have just discovered some extra widgets to apply to my blog site and I am going to make an effort to improve and diversify this blog. Beginning with this post of commentary on online presence.

I have discovered a website that has a great approach to online interface. The website is an architecture firm based in Denmark and can be found at  The interface allows the user to organize the information into certain categories and directs them with personal intent.  This style of interface speaks directly to me as an artist and the online presence of my website as a marketing tool. The norm of websites are advertising hosts with little character. I believe what you display on your site is a representation who you are, what your product is and how you think.  More often than not, I have taken the less you expose of yourself the safer you are from scrutiny. But in the ever growing online world it is important to use all the technology  available to promote and better define yourself. And not only to be true to yourself but be a good host to your guests that grace your website. And so with that. I will make a better effort to improve my site with any updates, widgets and  information that will interest you and define myself.

~ by bigbarnproject on February 26, 2010.

One Response to “Your Image (day 120)”

  1. I think the sight is stronger this way. I love the way it incrimentally reveals a new and beautiful reality. I share that insight. The simple ‘being’ has a power you can only understand over time.

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