Reflection, Day 99

Almost one hundred days spent here in Ireland trying to get the Big Barn Project off the ground.   I have run into a number of distractions while I’ve been here. The land is full of opportunity and it can suck you away from focused projects.  The local business ethics are very lax,  they say they will get back to you with a quote or a delivery and don’t for weeks.  So the days roll by and they quickly turn into weeks. I just going grit my teeth and push on through and get whatever I can done.

The garden and the promise of spring in the air has taken ahold of my soul at the moment. Today, I purchased over one hundred onion bulbs, some grass seed and 6 kilo of early start potatoes. The garden was covered in tarp all winter, so I have taken the covers off and turned the soil in preparation for planting.  Tomorrow I would like to go to the saw mill down the road and purchase a load of wood to build walls around the beds.  I think it will help define the garden as well as keep unwanted pests out. The weather has set in and is god-awful at the moment, warm but pissing rain.

~ by bigbarnproject on February 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Reflection, Day 99”

  1. what types of potatoes you plantin?? i love this blog…

  2. Hey, the spuds are early start potatoes? Thats all i know. And I need someone to help my plant them, so get over here!

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