Moon (day 91)

I have had a wonderful last couple days. The weather is perfect and suitable for work most importantly. Today was spent investigating different varieties of stone from the local quarries. I brought home some samples and I am impressed with the varieties of limestone, sandstone and granite that is available. My mind is spinning from the options and palette of colors to choose from. I did not photograph them today but I will try to tomorrow.  I did, however, photograph the moon and a beautiful sunset, enjoy.

~ by bigbarnproject on January 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Moon (day 91)”

  1. Joe- me and marta wanna come in August. Can you dig it??? I know your coming to Chicago in April, let’s plan, cuz this looks beautiful, and we want to be apart of it!
    -k & m

  2. Oh joe, those photos are just soooooo amazing. I just reread yr blog having not checked in since december – Nice work!!

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