Day 86

Have you ever washed a building like a car?  It takes a long time and because of the height it can be much more complicated.

Yesterday we began the task of removing algae and moss from the exterior walls of the main house. It conjured up the question as to why we paint our houses white and expect them to stay that way?  I guess it is our divine approach to nature that possesses us to chase after an unattainable perfection.  But thank god for bleach because it is the answer to solve nature’s attack. The bleach kills the growth of moss and algae and restores the white walls back to their pious state.


~ by bigbarnproject on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “Day 86”

  1. hello my magical beast 🙂 nice moves on the building. i miss you, i think about you much and that brisk Ireland air you inhale. i can feel it at times. i really would like to come, yes?… love you.

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