Day 81

Luana pointed out that there has been snow, sunshine, high winds, fog and rain all this week. Pretty amazing for a little stretch of coastline.

Yesterday I planted rose bushes and the christmas tree.  Also cleared more brambles, pulling them up by the roots. Swept up and dumped leaves from the driveway again.  Staked up all the fallen trees. We may have lost a holly tree, the roots are split down the middle.

The little house has been receiving some love as well. I have braced up the tub so it is now level and resealed all the connections.  Next move is to kill the power and get the old electric stove out of the kitchen so I can begin the new countertops.  Which I don’t know what kind yet, something functional, nonflammable and nothing too expensive.  ??

downed holly tree

Parts of the barn are blown off in the winds

~ by bigbarnproject on January 16, 2010.

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