Day 27

The weather has taken a turn for the worse.  Two days ago there was widespread flooding and everything came to a stop.  Skibbereen (the town nearby) was submerged in water and people were evacuated by boat.  I happened to be in town at that time and managed to take a few pictures.

The rain has been an issue in the BigBarn. I have been chasing puddles around trying to keep things elevated and dry.  To help with this I have begun digging trenches around the outside of barn to force the water away from the interior.  I need to get the roof repaired on the barn.  But all in all, everything is going well and there has been no flooding where we are.

~ by bigbarnproject on November 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Day 27”

  1. Hi, Joe. I do remember you climbing the stairs of your house across from Francis Parker. ‘Tis a joy to have your mother here. I’ve never seen a blog before, I think it is great. Fondly, Juni Ferguson
    It’s great to be out here in Golf. You forget how nice everything can be. Poor people in Skibbereen. That is too much water! Love, Mom

  2. It’s been wet here too, big puddles in drive way
    I know the trench thing, raincoat on…

  3. Hi, Joe. I’m here with Grandma and we’re looking through the pictures you’ve taken. She is as interested in the mushrooms as you are. Happy Thanksgiving, although nobody will know about it where you are. Bernice and Annie

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