Day 18

Productive day today.

I managed to find what is causing the floor to disinegrate  in the small house.  It was a plumbing pipe that was just cut and buried in the concrete.  It was left there to collect moisture or a slow leak from the boiler. I am able to fix that by soldering a cap on the end and sealing the leak. Crazy Irish builders.  I broke up the rest of the concrete floor and started on some carpentry but I need my tools to arrive.  Irish customs are evaluating my belongs as I write this. Soon my friends I will be able to do some real work.

~ by bigbarnproject on November 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Day 18”

  1. hi brother, how do I subscribe to yr blog? ta Eve

    • You know that I haven’t worked that out yet. I can subscribe from the backend of my site, but logged out there is no public option on the page.
      I may have to change the format or just create a .com
      I’ll get back to you.
      I think if you log in to your own wordpress account you can subscribe to it.
      Try that.

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