Day 5

I was feeling better today, so I got out to the barn.

A lot of rust on the tools but I am happy to report the table saw is working just fine.  I moved all the teak windows up on stickers to keep air running underneath them. Cleaned out the horse stable.  The floor in there is wet and needs to be resolved.  I am thinking about either pouring another one on top? Would that resolve it? I don’t know, maybe if I separated the existing one with a membrane or foam spacer.  Just ideas right now.  But I would like to turn that stable into a room with sinks and drying racks.

I am designing the barn with some 3D graphics to get an idea of material costs and shape it is going to take.  Only a rough draft, keep it posted.

~ by bigbarnproject on October 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Day 5”

  1. Hey Joe,
    Talk to my old fella about the floor man.
    He should give you an idea whether pouring straight onto what you have is waste of time or if you need some kind of impermeable layer over it…like a dmap course or something.
    Any idea where the water has come from ? is it simply pouring in from outside? or is it coming through the roof or something?

    • Tony, Most of the water is pouring in from the holes in the corrugated iron. But i do have some dry lining to do around the place, so I will talk to your dad about that. Kieran came out today and had a look and he seems to think we can do it up cheaply, even sell the old iron to help offset the cost. We’ll see anyway. Thanks man!

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